Time Is Money

Hi folks!

Here at MyFavDeals.org, we offer lots of terrific bargains on our coupon codes page; however, we wanted to also let you know that as we grow, we will be demonstrating many ways in which you’ll come to see us far more than promos – you’ll see that we are “Deals with a Difference!”

When we come across ideas for frugal living, to use one example, we’ll share those as well. We’ll have articles, reviews, and tons of information to help make your life better!

One other thing that comes to mind when discussing “savings” and “frugality” is that it’s not always just about money. To be sure, we all want to see our funds stretch further so that we can enjoy more – not only in our own lives, but in the lives of those we love.

saving time and money - coupon codes help save

saving time and money – coupon codes help save

But let’s not forget about TIME savings! You’ve heard the saying that “time is money.” Or “don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.”

And it’s true. Think about this: You’d love to save $5.00 on an item at the store, right? But, what if you spent 1 or 2 hours of research or shopping to save that $5.00? It’s like the old story of someone driving 5 miles out of his way, down the road to fill up on gas because it’s .03 cents cheaper per gallon. On a 15-gallon fill-up, that equates to .45 cents savings. Total.

Was the time spent driving around for a .45 cent savings worth it?

If you break your time into dollars and cents, probably not. You might have spent an additional ½ hour of your time to save that .45 cents, when the time could have been spent doing something – anything – else. For example, you could have gone for a brisk walk, read an inspirational or motivational chapter in your favorite self-development book, watched an educational video, or gotten an extra ½ of paid work in.

So, it is equally important to consider your time expenditures as it is to consider your money expenditures. Life is about balance and priorities, and happiness and joy.

At our site, it is our goal to help support you in all of these! Thanks for reading.