The Phenomenon of Amazon – Why People Love it So Much

About a week ago when I went downstairs in our building to see if I had any mail I was like a little kid at Christmas when I saw a coupon of boxes addressed to me…Me…ME! These were part of my latest Amazon order which, by the way, I had placed only 2 days before. I didn’t take a photo of the order – but it contained Brazil nuts, eye drops, a water filter replacement, my favorite super red drink powder, some herbs, my favorite tooth gel, coconut oil, and more.

Yeah… I shop at Amazon a LOT.

I buy a LOT of stuff on Amazon

Most of my orders tend to be what is called “fulfilled by Amazon,” meaning that the goods that I purchase are warehoused in a location where Amazon employees go find them off the shelves, and then box them up to send.

“Fulfilled by Amazon” is a brilliant move by the mega store. Manufacturers and individual sellers can ship items to strategically located Amazon warehouses so that when their items sell, they don’t have to handle the boxing and shipping of the item to the end customer. Brilliant.

Other sellers on Amazon elect to personally package and ship their goods. Either way is fine with me. I love shopping on Amazon, and so do untold millions of other people around the world.

Why do people love Amazon so much?

I got into a conversation about the topic of why people love Amazon so much, and well… one thing led to another, and my fingers decided that they needed to hammer out an article about this phenomenon!

Frankly, I actually sat down and asked myself why it was that I’m also hooked on shopping on Amazon.

And, here at, we promote a lot of stuff that’s on Amazon (see what I mean HERE)

Then, in the conversation with my friend about this, a number of things came to light – and answered the question about why we also seem to get so excited to POST stuff for sale on Amazon – especially when we’re given great ideas from friends and relatives.

Of course Amazon isn’t the only place that I or others shop, but it has seemingly snuggled its way into my heart as one of my regular shopping destinations.

I decided to explore the topic…

…and my thoughts spilled out into the article here at Why People Love Amazon So Much.

In the article, I also explore some of the ideas that I thought might answer why we don’t see absolutely everything for sale on Amazon. Yes, I know that it seems as though you really can find just about everything there, the fact is that you cannot. I hope I can shed some light on that as well.

I hope you enjoy it! Read the article “Why People Love Amazon So Much” HERE.