Skymall Bankruptcy Info

Hi readers!

this was one of the skymall offerings the kanaloa tiki god tableJust a quick note about Skymall: We’ve all loved that wonderful Skymall catalog for years, and ordered our fair share of gadgets and gizmos from them. Actually, my very own Varidesk came from Skymall.

Alas, the news broke in January that the catalog had declared bankruptcy after 25 glorious years of entertaining us on our flights. There are tons of news articles on the web about this since this is actually pretty big news. You can read one of the stories here at CBS News. The long and the short of it is that now there are ways to use the internet on airplanes that just weren’t available when the inflight catalog was in its heyday. That, and the fact that… well, most of the stuff they offered just weren’t really “must haves” for most people.

I mean, sure, I really did love that pool float with the drink holders. or that Kanaloa Tiki God Table (kidding!), but regardless of my personal regard for SkyMall, it’s kaput. (BTW: If you really DO want that Kanaloa (Teeth) Table – just click on it, and you’ll be whisked over to the Amazon listing where it’s currently on sale for $143.95 (13% off, and with free shipping).

Aside from wondering what I’ll read now when I’m on a plane, we did want to let you know about this.

We still have the best prices for the Varidesk – actually, we all have them since Varidesk told me directly that at this time they are not offering any coupon codes or special discounts unless someone wants to make a purchase of 100 or more. If this is the case, please let us know, and I will get you in touch directly with the people I have the connection with at the company.

But, back to Skymall. Regrettably, at this time, any links that you see for them will no longer be valid; however, we are finding different sources for the cool items they carried in their catalog.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled money saving!