Should Garcinia Cambogia Be Trusted As A Weight Loss Supplement?

Garcinia Cambogia Free Bottle

Garcinia Cambogia Free Bottle

Garcinia Cambogia is potentially one of the most exciting discoveries in weight loss management. The hype around this supplement has overtaken raspberry keytones and green tea, cleansing and Hoodia.

Is this the real deal or is the hype nothing more than that?

Evidence and testimonials from consumers suggests that this is the final word in weight loss supplements and that it can be trusted to do what it promises, but these testimonies are not the result of science. One cannot be sure if participants also changed their diets or took up more rigorous exercise.

Celebrity Endorsement

When someone like Dr. Oz gets behind a product, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction; reason from emotion. Dr. Oz told the public long ago that Garcinia Cambogia was a miracle weight loss supplement.

Studies have since shown that this might or might not be true: that all depends on which brand you purchase, how you take it, and whether you support this regime with a high-fiber, low calorie diet and additional exercise. Dr. Oz and other advocates have claimed no exercise is needed; that a special diet is not necessary.

Trust in Science

With anything this profound, the FDA and medical community get involved, looking for evidence for and against the promotion of a product which could cause so much harm should it be used incorrectly and relied upon too much. There has been a lot of research done already regarding the natural properties of this fruit from Asia. Read the data and you can come to your own conclusions.

Fruity Findings

The active ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia is HCA which is present in the skin of the fruit. This has been shown to produce at least three positive side effects.

  • One is fat blocking: carbs that are not converted into energy would be turned into fat, but these are simply processed through the body and excreted.
  • Secondly, HCA releases hormones into the blood stream which tell you not to be hungry.
  • Thirdly, this same hormone is responsible for feeling happy, so instead of taking anti-depressants, some consumers can use these and obtain similar advantages.

A side effect of the last result is feeling more energetic than usual, which leads to a natural desire to burn energy, resulting in more and faster weight loss.

Buying Garcinia Cambogia

But will you lose weight by taking one of the many Garcinia Cambogia supplements sold in pill form in health food stores, grocery stores, and online?

Possibly: it might be temporary water weight though as a result of digestive issues which lead to loose stools. One might not lose more weight by taking the pill and could become lax about eating because of promises regarding effortless weight loss. One could lose fat but put on muscle through increased activity.

The dose you take matters: make sure you are buying pills that contain at least 50% HCA from Garcinia Cambogia. Many pills that cost less also contain much less Garcinia Cambogia.

You can find 100% Garcinia Cambogia pills for a high price (about $30 or more per bottle of 30 pills), but it is more likely they will be bulked up with something else. In this case, you might be asked to take more pills so the cost is no less than if you bought 100% Garcinia Cambogia and took fewer pills.

Beware the Usual Scams

Many sub-standard products have been released onto the market and are particularly problematic online. They feature too-low doses of HCA if there is any Garcinia Cambogia in these pills at all.

Customers, eager to lose weight, are easily duped into handing over their money for empty promises. Only buy Garcinia Cambogia supplements from reliable dealers if you are going to bother trying this supplement at all.

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