Shabby Chic Homewares Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories

In this post, we’re gonna talk a bit about the “Shabby Chic” style when it comes to home decor, especially kitchen an bathroom accessories (and frankly, we never knew it was our style until we learned about it!)

It’s only natural that we offer a wonderful selection of shabby chic homewares, as well as shabby chic kitchen and bathroom accessories. After all, if you saw one of the My Favorite Deals team-member’s house, you’d understand!

Turns out that a couple of fellow antiques and collectibles dealers have been to our place, and they exclaim how much they love our cottage look. That was one of the first times I’d ever heard the term “shabby chic.” I always thought it was just… well… shabby! Anyway, we do love the comfort of this style, and if you are on this page, then chances are that you do too!

Shabby Chic BathroomHere we have brought together a collection of homewares and accessories that we think you’ll enjoy!

For starters, here at the left is an image of my lovely country bath courtesy of me. Talk about a shabby chic bathroom!

What IS “Shabby Chic?”

Is it Victorian? 1940’s? French? What? Oh… I’m so confused!

The Shabby Chic style has a Certain “Look” to it – and a lot of times, you’ll just know it when you see it.

You will notice that there are typically lots of “pastels” and lighter “vintage” looks to the decor. This “vintage” and “distressed” look is very common to the style.

What I’ll attempt to do in the rest of this article is show you examples as well as offer you an option of where you can get the look if you like it! For example, if the photo is from Amazon, you can assume that the link will take you the best deal we could find, which is on Amazon! Typically, I’ll put the link right in the photo for you.
Vintage Chic Soap Dish - Soap Holder - Shabby Retro Pink EnamelIn this example of the “retro” painted enamel soap dish we show a fairly typical color scheme that is typical of the “Shabby Chic” style. Since the style itself is not specifically rooted in any particular age or time (for example, we can’t say, “Oh, this is a 50’s retro style” or “Mmmm…must be Victorian…”) – but it IS decidedly “vintage” looking.

However, the furnishings don’t need to be antiques themselves. Today’s shopper can find new, well-made pieces that are merely decorated in the style. Now, you can easily find homewares that ARE vintage in any variety of places, especially thrift or antique stores. Note: When it comes to buying for kids rooms or nurseries, however, you may want to buy new in order to be able to avoid lead paint that may be on older pieces.

You’ll notice lots of florals, linens, pastels and whites, as well as wrought iron accessories – especially in the kitchen, bath and garden. Paint on furnishings may have a “multi-layered” and “rubbed” look as though the paint has worn out or chipped over the years. You may notice lots of crystal hangings from wall and lighting fixtures as wel (some have used “Rococo” to describe the lighting fixtures).

In general, you can expect “shabby chic” decor to be vintage looking, but quite elegant and comfortable.

Wonderful Shabby Chic Bathroom Accessories – Wall Hooks! – I love these – they are vintage looking, and compliment MANY cottage and romantic styles.

Let’s start with shabby chic bathroom accessories. Remember! These are considered homewares – that is, you’ve already got the large bits such as the actual sink, toilet and tub or shower. We’re going to dress it up now!

I’ve noticed a lot of people getting these – and my initial thought was that they were using them for towel or robe hooks. As it turns out, people are also using them for keys and purses. Now, THAT might be a solution for my cluttered counters! 🙂 Scroll down for a lovely selection. Again, most of these will link to Amazon, where you have the best bet for seeing them in stock.

Creative Co-op Metal Bird Hook, Yellow shabby chic

Creative Co-Op Metal Bird Hook, Yellow

I find myself really drawn to anything with birds on it – and this little hook is no exception! The top of the hook, with the look of the “branch” is very artistic!




Creative Co-op Metal Bird Hook, Rust shabby chic

Creative Co-Op Metal Bird Hook, Rust

People like this little bird as well. Elegance! For me, that’s what this little hook is all about! I didn’t mention it earlier, but it bears saying that this is the perfect type of gift for someone who loves birds! Which I do… so this would be a perfect gift for someone like me. 🙂 One user reported that the holes for the screws needed to be oped up a bit.





Shabby Cottage Chic Cast Iron Wall Hooks

Shabby Cottage Chic Cast Iron Wall Hooks (set of 3)

These would even look good in a modern home – I can also see them in closets. Quick note: Previous buyers have stated that they did NOT receive a set of 3 – so verify the “Set of 3” with the seller before you order.



Shabby Cottage Chic Crown Decorative Wall HooksShabby Cottage Chic Style Crown Wall Hooks

Not just for the bath! Use them in your bedroom, front hall, or kitchen!

Aren’t these breath-taking? And so versatile! I can see these in my own mountain cottage – and I know they’ll go just as nicely in a more modern bathroom as well. For a different flair, why not vary the alignment of these? For example, you can put 2 up a little higher, and 2 down a little lower.

You saw the photo of our very own shabby chic country bath – The wood on the walls and floor is original… Here is a short video about the bathroom!

This home was built in 1913 as a summer cottage in the mountains of New Hampshire. Originally located closer to the road, the previous owner had it lifted and moved further back on the property to take advantage of the view (as well as a full basement he had prepared for the house). It’s a unique home, one of many built in our town by a gentleman named John Boothman – hence, we live in one of the “Boothman Cottages” – which is typically how these original summer homes are referred to locally.

A book called “The Hand of the Small-Town Builder: Summer Houses in Northern New England, 1876-1930” about these homes and their builder was recently published by a Randolph, NH summer resident (and geophysicist at University of Colorado at Boulder) named W. Tad Pfeffer. While our house isn’t featured in the book, you’ll see a lot of the features through the other photos that make this cottage style so endearing (and enduring).

Hand of the Small Town Builder by W. Tad Pfeffer

Our bathroom is small, but it works! 🙂 I forgot to feature the towel rack, which is a brass reproduction and suits the bathroom nicely.

Some Additional Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas – No, we don’t have to go as far as using shabby towels! 🙂

Sometimes, all it takes is a quick change of a simple item to get the shabby cottage style look in the bathroom. I was thinking about my own bathroom, which is not very large (as you can see from the intro photo) – but it’s the little things that seem to make the difference. Here, I feature something as simple as the toilet paper holder, waste basket, a mirror, and shelf.
Also, as I think about trying to make little changes in the way a bathroom looks, these types of additions aren’t that expensive. And, although I don’t have any skill in this area, the thought that sometimes a fresh coat of paint with maybe a subtle border might also do wonders in making the bath have the shabby look – an off-white paint, with maybe a floral (that “Victorian Rose” type of design) border. Just thinking out loud…

Shabby Wall Mirror white20″ Shabby Chic Wood Arched-Top Wall Mirror

This lovely mirror gets high marks from just about everyone. One user had an awesome idea – this might spark your own creativity: She is painting the back w/ chalkboard paint and using the back to use for her wedding guest book! What a wonderful idea!


Lady Jane Hand Painted Decorative Wall MirrorOkay, this is a different wall mirror that I found through Home Living Style, and I really like this one. Now, bear with me, because this one is not an inexpensive mirror. It’s called the Lady Jane Hand Painted Decorative Wall Mirror from Raquels Collection. It has beveled glass, and the reason I’m not including a photo from MY house with this gorgeous mirror is… well… because… (hmmm… how do I talk my way out of this one!) Seriously, if you have the ability to purchase a fine piece of furniture like this, then it is truly going to be a centerpiece in your room. Just beautiful! I do think that Home Living Style could have done a little better job with the photo for this exquisite piece.

NOTE! Home Living Style offers FREE SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX (except for deliveries in Connecticut or Connecticut residents) for their Entire Catalog! Check it out here!


Deco 79 Metal Toilet Paper HolderDeco 79 Metal Toilet Paper Holder, 24 by 8-Inch

This pretty holder is getting a solid 4-star review average at Amazon. This particular style caught my eye, and I can see this in almost ANY style bathroom. There were some questions about the dimensions, so I’m putting those here: The BASE measures approximately 6 1/2 x 5 3/4 inches, and the roller bar is wider – 8 inches. The unit stands approximately 24 inches high.



crowned keepsake shelfCrowned Keepsake Shelf #33663

Although you’ll see this used as a bathroom shelf in the photo, one user keeps it as her spice rack. Excellent idea!

Here are some notes about the dimensions: Keep in mind that the shelves are 5″ deep., and the space between shelves are 5″ so any objects you place on the shelves must be slightly less than 5″ high. However, the top shelf is removable and allows 10″. You can also place objects on top behind the trim. This is not meant for heavy objects. Some buyers paired this with the pretty arched top wall mirror we featured above in this post!

Retro Vintage Wastebasket Shabby Chic Ivory Enamel French Country DecorRetro Vintage Wastebasket E13 Trash Can, Trash Bin, Trash Basket ~ Shabby Chic Ivory Enamel with Vintage French Perfume Label.

This is something I really like – for a couple of reasons. Obviously, the style is right up my alley, but just as important? IT’S NOT PLASTIC! 🙂 I do not care for chintzy plastic wastebaskets, so this nice metal one with the adorable designs fits the bill. And the buyers’ reviews and opinions reflect this as well. As far as the measurements are concerned, at the top ( the largest point) it is 10 inches wide x 12 inches high x 8 inches deep. – Vintage or Retro Tissue Holder~E64~ Tissue Box Cover ~ Tissue Box Holder ~ Kleenex Holder ~ Shabby Chic Ivory
Retro Vintage Tissue Holder Shabby Chic Ivory Enamel French Country DecorEnamel with Vintage French Perfume Label

I kept noticing this pretty tissue holder in Amazon whenever I brought up the waste basket that I featured just above. Well, that made sense! It’s offered by the same company (Knobs & More Home Decor), and is a perfect match to the waste basket. Although we’re concentrating on shabby chic kitchen and bathroom accessories in this article, it’s worth noting, as one reviewer did, that these are also perfect for other rooms. In particular, one reviewer used this combo in a guest bedroom, which really does sound beautiful!

Cottage Charm Towel HolderCottage Charm Towel Holder

Check out what I did with the accompanying image of this versatile towel holder! After one reviewer mentioned that she couldn’t decide whether to use it as a regular towel holder, or to put paper towels on, I decided to make a “collage” of the different options. I think this one’s a winner, don’t you?



Simple yet Elegant IMAX Quilt orTowelRackIMAX Quilt Towel Rack

You can see the old-fashioned styling of this towel rack – looks old, but is actually perfectly new!

I currently have a retrostyle wall mount towel rack, but am looking to add this one to the bathroom for several reasons: First, it goes with my cottage decor (which, as I mentioned, wasn’t intentional on my part, but I love the fact that I now can label my home as “cottage style!” 🙂 ). Second, it FITS in my bathroom, which is quite small. Third, I like the fact that I can hang several more towels that won’t be “bunched” up on one another and can hang freely in the air to dry without getting musty. I love this!

Someone in the reviews asked for dimensions, and so I thought this would be helpful in case you are wondering: The rack is 14 inches deep, and 35.5 inches from the back highest rod down to the floor. It is 25 inches wide from the outside knobs on the polls end to end.

How about a Shabby Chic Shower Curtain? – I’m partial to the lace (see my own example above) or roses…

Emily Embroided Shower Curtain – White

Because I really love how the lace curtain in my own bathroom lends a romantic air (see the introductory photo), I have found a couple of lace, and also rose/floral designs that would complement a cottage style bathroom.Emily Embroidered Shower Curtain

This Emily embroidered one is pretty intriguing for lace! I was drawn to the the center part of the design where it seems to “break up” the pattern. Pretty! This would also work in my bath. Obviously, it depends on your color scheme, but in most cases you can find something that will match. For our darker bath (we have wood walls) we found that the off-white/beige color went well. Greens and blues would equally work I think. I’ll have to try that out next time I switch!

Morning Dew ~ Blue Yellow French Fair Trade Bath Shower Curtain 72×72

Did you see the mention of “fair trade?” I am exceedingly fond of this particular shower curtain, and it may very well be my next. Bohemian and shabby all at once! Notice in my screen shot that there are additional screenshots? Well, if you click on the photo to go right to the Amazon page, you can click on those little thumbnails and you’ll see some intriguing looks at the “behind the scenes” of the origination of this gorgeous curtain! This is probably one of my all-time favorites!Morning Dew Blue Yellow French Fair Trade Bath Shower Curtain

Just wanted to offer an IDEA…

For those of you wanting to decorate in the shabby chic style on a budget

One of the things that I have noticed – at least up in New England – is that on occasion a group shop/consignment shop might have some salvage items.

In our neck of the woods, people will buy an old house, and then take out all the original fixtures and get rid of them.

A lot of these fixtures wind up at flea markets, antiques shops – or, if you’re lucky enough to have one – a store that specializes in old fixtures – a “salvage” type of shop.

Check Craigslist and the print ads in your local papers and shoppers (you know, those “freebie” shopping newspapers that are in a lot of towns). Consider running an ad saying that you’re looking for some retro style fixtures and fittings.

There used to be a place called Renovators Supply – and although they were retail, that’s kind of the idea.

When my husband remodels something, he’ll often run an ad to see if someone wants what we’re getting rid of (as an example, old cabinets). You’d be surprised how much you can find with a little creativity!

Introducing CafePress!

UPDATE! We just found an AWESOME source for extremely unique and high quality cottage and shabby styles! Have you heard of “CafePress?” I was looking for some VERY specific ideas, and came across, and was blown away. I’m still getting to know their site, and how to offer you some of the things that I saw there that I just know you would love. For a brief view and quick example, just check out this portal for their “Wall Art,” and have a look around. So, using our example at their “Wall Art” portal, you can go to their search bar which is at the top of their website, and search whichever term you’d like – for example, “retro” or “vintage” (in our case) and you’ll see some beautiful art that you are not going to find on other sites. Browse & Shop at CafePress Now, and Have Fun!

Check out this video of someone’s ideas for shabby bath ideas

Let’s take a look at some clocks in the shabby style

Beautiful Vintage and Shabby Chic Kitchen Wall Clocks… – And a few tabletop clocks as well!

Kitchen wall clocks are always popular – and a lot of people seem to forget to include the lowly but ever-so-useful clock in their room decor. No excuse now! Take a look at some of these really lovely and cute clocks! I added a couple of the ones from “Fairy Freckles Studios” since I am so fond of their designs. Honestly? I would have a difficult time choosing one over the other! But, let me put it to you this way: If you were to march up to my kitchen door and handed me ANY of these, I’d be absolutely tickled pink! 🙂 (I’m not kidding by the way!)

I’m going to start with three desk clocks that I particularly like.

Creative Co-op Wood Mantle Clock, Cream
Creative Co-op Wood Mantle ClockLet’s start with this pretty wooden clock. This is an excellent price for this beautiful desk clock! (Under $40!!). It runs on a single Double A battery (included) and is a simple clock – that is, no alarm, and no light, so that is something to consider when you buy it. The dimensions are 7.1 x 5.1 x 10.6 inches. – and there is something about this that makes me think of antique shops in the autumn.

Not sure why it evokes that feeling, but I love it! I do want to note that the knob is whiter than the “cream” color of the rest of the clock.


Creative Grey Pewter Table Clock with Bird
Creative Grey Pewter Table Clock with BirdI know… it’s the “bird thing” again, but this is one of the things I particularly like about this style! Now, I know the paint looks like it has a “green” hue, but all the reviewers agree that there is NO green in this – it’s a blue grey according to more than one person, and it appears to be more grey than blue. People appear to be very pleased with this one!

Like other related clocks, this runs on 1 AA battery. The dimensions are 4.8 x 2.5 x 6.1 inches. One thing a reviewer did mention, is that even though the clock face says “Paris,” that’s just part of the decor. The clock is made in China.

IMAX Bird Tabletop Clock

IMAX Bird Tabletop Clock shabby chic
This little clock runs on 2 AA batteries, and is a little heavier than the other desktop or shelf clocks that I’ve just featured. This one is 4 x 8.8 x 4.5 inches ; and it weighs 1.4 pounds. Reviewers state that you can hear the ticking. People are enjoying it in bedrooms as well as baths and kitchens. The reviews are good, with just a couple non-5-star ones! I think we have a winner!

Let’s check out some wall clocks!

First of all, I have to tell you that this article will go on indefinitely if I were to include ALL the beautiful clocks I found. So, what I’ll do is simply show you a few representative styles – and you can click on any of them and shop around further if one of these isn’t exactly what you have in mind!

Fairy Freckles Studios Vintage Victorian Style Pink Roses Clock

Item C6004 Vintage Style 10.5 Inch Shabby Roses Clock by Fairy Freckles Studios

Again, this is kind of what I think of when I think “Shabby Chic.” It’s one I keep going back to, every time I come here to look at them. 🙂 This particular clock is getting very solid, strong reviews. Note that there is NO glass covering to the clock

Buyers are pairing this clock (# C6004) with its companion style, # C6120, which we have here (just below this paragraph). I understand why, because it’s equally beautiful, and is scoring solid 5-stars all around. And really, for the price, this is hard to beat!

Fairy Freckles Studios Vintage Victorian Style Pink Roses Clock C6120

Bird Shabby Chic or Victorian Style Birds and Flowers 10 Inch Wall Clock by Abeo Designs

Vintage shabby chic or victorian style birds and flowers 10 inch wall clock by Abeo Designs
Had to add a bird clock! 🙂 These are indeed very regal looking birds! What struck me about this particular wall clock are the vibrant colors. The pinks and yellows are exquisite! The clock is 10 inches in diameter with that classic vintage look – the manufacture calls is shabby chic or Victorian style. Note that the bird art is by turn-of-the-century German artist, Catherine Klein. According to Abeo Designs, it is made from medium density fiberboard, or MDF, and is printed with archival inks on a matt medium that that, no matter which angle you look at it from, there should be no glare. This clock runs on 1 AA battery – not included. The clock movement is an American made Quartex® movement that, according to Abeo Designs, is rated as accurate to 2 seconds per year.

Depression Glass

Depression Glass works beautifully as accent pieces in the bathroom as well as kitchen. Especially pink, green or blue depression glass… It’s so easy to find, too! Here’s the thing, though – if you want REAL Depression Glass, you either will have your best luck at antiques stores (which might be more expensive than you want to spend, depending on what you’re buying), or on eBay, where you will find literally tens of thousands of choices. I’ve added an eBay link below to highlight what depression glass accents might be for sale on line at any given time. Take a look!



Shabby Chic Accent Table

AA Importing Co. Dropleaf Occasional Table 43469-PM
I checked out some occasional tables or shabby chic accent tables on Amazon, and found a few that were not very expensive, but they also were getting some reviews mentioning that they weren’t very sturdy. When it comes to tables, I have noticed that quality really does matter. For example, I am typing this article in a furnished condo where the entire leg of the dining room table just – and I mean literally – fell off. Particle board! Junk! So, what I’d like to showcase here is what I think is one of the quintessential styles of “distressed” looking, French Country Design. This table features Cabriolet legs, a parchment multi finish and a natural finished top. When I saw this one, it was on sale for $469! Buy it HERE or Click on the photo above! (Note: This, and the next table are offered through Home Living Style, where they are promoting FREE SHIPPING!)

I also found this cute metal accent table that would look great in a small bathroom. This one is made by Butler. Check it out more closely here, or Click on the photo below!

Butler Metalworks Accent Table 2284025

Phew! Well, I’m going to stop for a little while, but I’ll add more to this article when I find a few more awesome shabby chic kitchen and bathroom accessories for you! Thanks for stopping by!