On a Summertime Beachbody and Bodyweight and Overall Fitness Kick

BeachBody CIZE Shaun T Dance WorkoutSo, it’s the middle of summer, and every summer I decide that NOW is the time to get my butt into better shape. But, typically, I make only a little progress each summer, and then I’m back to “business as usual” come wintertime. Somehow, this summer has been different. And, do you know why? Because I have discovered workouts that are fun! FINALLY!

And, it’s not just me (me, being this particular writer on the team here!) – because other members of the MyFavDeals team have also been on the fitness bandwagon, many of them for longer than me.

Follow along with me here – and you’ll see what we’re up to – and what we’re adding to the growing inventory of excellent health, fitness, and wellness resources! We’re included links below to a variety of categories that we’ve been adding to here – and the fun thing? It’s all happening because of our own passions. And because we’re passionate about what we’re doing, we’re sharing the best of all of it here with you.

Some of us are really into Beachbody products (the people who bring you the 21 Day Fix EXTREME, PiYo, the P90X series, INSANITY, CIZE, Hip Hop Abs, etc). Incidentally, I’ve seen one of our teammates here kick butt with P90X and INSANITY – both of which are a little too heavy-duty for me, but for him they were outstanding. I’m more the PiYo and CIZE type myself. But, that’s one of the great things about Beachbody – they really do have something for everyone and all interests and levels of intensity.

Some of us are having a blast learning how to use our own excess poundage as our “weight equipment” in Bodyweight Burn and Metabolic Aftershock types of workouts.

Then again, some of us love Yoga and Pilates (and a mix of both).

All of us know people who are way into the outdoors – whether it’s hiking (I know some pretty extreme hikers), rock climbing, tennis, swimming and running. Summertime just begs us all to get outdoors and move.

And not all movement is “exercise routine” related. I know one woman who spends several hours every day in the summer (unless it’s stormy) working in her enormous gardens. Now, mind you, she is retired and has the time, but gardening is her exercise and spiritual happy place (which is good for all of us neighbors, because she and her family can’t possibly consume everything she grows, so we all reap the benefits of her efforts!). I’ve personally learned a lot from her – and she tells me about cool stuff – whether it’s outdoor tools or gardening gadgets – and when I find something she recommends I add it here too!

Add some nutritional and dietary changes (interesting stuff on Hormone Balancing Diet with Trouble Spot Nutrition by Bruce & Janet Krahn – and my current favorite resource because they make sense out of stuff that has eluded me in the past), tons of goal-setting and goal-achieving exercises (I’m in the 3rd week of Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge which I’ll write about more as I come to the end of my personal challenge), healthier cooking and eating habits, improve and add more good habits, lessen bad habits (we won’t get into that), and that’s a recipe for everyone just feeling better about themselves.

So, all these influences, people we know, exercise and diet programs we come across – all these things are part of our collective passions – and we’re delighted when we can share them with you! Thank you for coming along with us on our journey. And, whenever we find more cool stuff, we’ll load it on up!

Have a wonderful summer!