New Lenovo Tablet Info Here at the Site

Hey everyone! This is just a short post to let you know that we’ve got a new feature article about Lenovo here at My Favorite Deals. Actually, it’s a Lenovo Tablets Review, and we decided to cover a couple of the models that we’ve found to be pretty popular these days. In the review you’ll learn about the ThinkPad E455, the ThinkPad Yoga 12, and the ThinkPad W550 series.

We chose 3 different price points which, we hope, covers most people’s budgets – the E455 under $500, the Yoga 12 for under $1000 or so, and then the more robust W550 coming in at about $1500 or so (depending on what you get with it).

I’ll let our computer reviewer take it from here, so feel free to head on over to check out the article here!