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Okay, on to the background for this post! Years ago, I had a friend who struggled to find tools and resources to help her son who had autism. Back then, it was a struggle, because for one thing, the internet had not taken off the way it has today – so there really wasn’t an easily accessible community for her to tap into. For another thing, because autism wasn’t as widely known at the time, resources weren’t as available either!

autism sitesThankfully, this has changed, and now – since 2008, has led the way in making these very needed therapeutic resources not only available to everyone, but affordable as well. And, now that the new school year has just started, this is a wonderful time to see what is new in the supports that are now available. In addition, we learned that one of our nieces’ daughters has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, and it has been a very challenging time for her as well as her daughter.

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If you are the parent (teacher, or other caregiver) of a child with autism, or a child somewhere on the autism spectrum, please take a look at what may have for you – or at least pass the word along! Because even though people are learning more about autism than ever before, not everyone knows how many wonderful tools are now available that can help. And, more than ever before – you and your child are NOT alone! And remember that National Autism Resources is the leading online resource for information, advice, toys, gifts, educational products and more.