Men’s Gift Ideas

Whether the man in your life is a fitness fanatic or a food lover, there is something special out there for him this Christmas; a gift he will love.

Does your brother love to be the first of his friends to own the latest gadget? Consider the following ideas, some of which are just too big to wrap.

Experiences to Treasure

Many men are difficult to buy for, especially those who never seem to want anything. But there are some experiences almost any guy will appreciate, like driving a high speed car on a race track or taking a fishing trip in less-charted waters. Give your man the gift of an unforgettable day out.

For instance, purchase a gift certificate to your local race course. Over the course of several hours, participants take a short safety class, are driven around a track by a professional driver at high speeds, then get behind the wheel of a race car themselves, fulfilling a high-adrenaline dream under controlled circumstances.

Purchase a weekend on a chartered fishing boat with a professional guide at the helm. Your guy might not want to take advantage in winter, but when fishing season starts up again he will be booked up and ready to go. Don’t forget accessories for events like these such as sunglasses, water-proof clothing, fishing equipment, and seasickness pills.

Send your father on a culinary course provided by a gourmet chef, or maybe a wine pairing class. Augment his natural flair for cooking and selecting excellent whites and reds and everyone will enjoy the results. He doesn’t have to go to Paris either.

Fitness Gifts

As gadgets become smaller, you can fit a lot of data onto a screen the size of a watch. This includes GPS and fitness tracking devices. Select a high-tech heart rate monitor and training support device that hubby can fit onto his wrist to count his steps, keep track of his pulse, and encourage him to meet his fitness goals.

There are many programmable devices that will also time him as he trains for a short race or a mini marathon. He can combine training with direction finding in the shape of a GPS fitness watch which, incidentally, will keep him from getting lost during hiking trips in the woods next summer.

Even while companies do more and more amazing things with technology, prices are incredibly reasonable. You can pick up one of these watches for less than $200, but the sky’s the limit. Remember to replace worn headphones and supply him with that new iPod or iPod shuffle, providing distraction from fatigue and heavy breathing in the form of his favorite tunes.

A Thinking Man’s Gifts

Books are always in fashion with the intellectual sort, either real paper books or digital e-books. In fact, get your brother an e-reader this year. There are many good models available. Keep going: buy a few e-books to fill up his hours with excellent reading material or supply a gift card so he can buy his own.

If your friend is the humorous sort, he’ll love the assortment of satirical literature available currently with many titles written by celebrated comedians. Let him fuel his own form of sarcasm with the witty repartee of professional humorists.

What about puzzles? Does your boyfriend love to challenge his mind to beat a seemingly unbeatable brain teaser? Perhaps he would prefer a regular puzzle or a book of crosswords themed around a topic he loves like sports or science. Pick up some brand new pencils, erasers, and an electric sharpener while you’re at it.

Devoted to DIY

The topic of intellect rolls neatly into the subject of DIY because a thinking man is creative. He likes to build things that are useful or interesting, such as solar panels and other devices that capture natural energy.

His eye could be on a renovation project for your home; something everyone will benefit from, such as new cupboards or under-floor heating. Give your son the tools to get these jobs done in his new home: electric saws, nail guns, drills, drill bits — whatever it takes. Keep in mind the necessary DIY literature, gift cards for hardware stores, and band-aids too.

Classy Concoctions

There’s booze and then there’s aged whiskey, fine wine, and micro-brew. Encourage a taste for fine fair with a tour through a brewery, winery, or distillery.

Purchase a monthly subscription to receive varietals of white or red wines from America or around the world or one for artisan beer, lager, and stout from small breweries close to home. Your gift doesn’t have to be a subscription but could come in the form of a simple box filled with assorted bottles or glasses designed to hold specific drinks.