Mac & Mia – A New Way to Shop for Kids Clothes

Mac and Mia - screenshotI don’t like going shopping. There. I said it. Maybe it’s just a gut reaction from the stress of working in crowded shopping malls in my early career, or maybe it’s just my personality, but I have a serious distaste – call it an aversion if you will, for physically going to stores. I don’t like driving to and walking around stores. And I especially dislike “cheap” stores – I’ll just leave it at that without naming individual store names.

A few years ago, for me personally, it was a complete relief when internet shopping became a mainstream way to shop, and so now I rarely, if ever shop for clothes in a brick and mortar store. And I couldn’t actually even tell you when I last went to a shopping mall. It really has been quite a while.

That’s probably one of the reasons I love working here on the website. Not only do I get to write about online shopping, but I discover some of the coolest places online as a result!

Nonetheless, if you had told me, even 10 short years ago that I’d be looking at an “online children’s clothing service,” the initial thought-picture that would have lodged itself in my mind would have been that I’d be at a yard sale looking through some used kids clothes hanging from a clothesline (“on line” – on the “clothes line” – get it? *sigh* Sorry – couldn’t help it!)…

But that thought-picture has long been dissolved! Today’s busy parents have more options than ever for shopping for their kids’ clothing, and one of those options is a fast-growing service called Mac & Mia that includes a personal shopper for children’s clothes – a personal “stylist” who takes over the task of carefully and thoughtfully shopping for and choosing the best quality, comfy and stylish kids clothing, and then shipping them right to your doorstep.

To many of Mac & Mia’s clientele, this is a dream come true for people who are doing their best to juggle their time between showering their children with the time and attention they need while still keeping their professional lives afloat.

We had the good fortune of connecting with Marie Tillman, the brilliant entrepreneur and mind behind Mac & Mia, and put together a full review of the service as well as the ensuing interview with Marie! So, without further ado, we are happy to introduce you to and Marie Tillman! You can read our entire Mac & Mia review and story RIGHT HERE! Let’s dig in!