Introducing the My Favorite Deals STAMP OF APPROVAL!

MyFavDeals Official Seal of Approval - Recommended Products and ServicesHello Readers, and Happy New Year! has seen a lot of growth over this last year, and during the year, we’ve come to meet and know an amazing number of different companies. We’ve seen, reviewed, tried, read about, learned about, and recommended so many terrific products and services, and we came to realize throughout the year that there have oftentimes been certain ones that have stuck in our heads as being something REALLY extraordinary and memorable.

We also learned that there were lots of companies that make products that we all use every day, and that don’t always get the recognition that they deserve – hard working people behind the scenes, providing outstanding customer service and support, and who are just so nice to communicate with, that we want to work even harder to promote their products and services.

As we put our heads together, we began to realize that we wanted to do something special for the special folks who proudly and confidently stand behind their products. We also wanted to recognize certain products that just really tend to resonate with us – and since there are quite a few of us contributing here on our team, that means there are a lot of products and companies that deserve accolades for one reason or another.

So we have come up with a special sign of recognition – our MyFavDeals Stamp of Approval that we will be adding to certain product posts and services.

You will see this seal pop up here and there throughout the site going forward!

Cake Stackers Coupon Code Topsy-Turvy cake support system promo MFDToday, we would like to announce our very first recipient of the My Favorite Deals Stamp of Approval: Cake Stackers ( of Jensen Beach, FL, who make one of the most extraordinary cake support systems we’ve ever seen. We’ve been enthralled with them since we first saw them, and the creativity, ingenuity, and sheer genius that is behind this fun “tiered cake support” invention is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. If you haven’t yet seen their famous “Topsy Turvy” cake system, you’re in for a treat. They have contests for cake decorators too. We’ve written extensively about them, and we are honored to promote them.

You can certainly read much more about here on the site (try this review for starters – and you can also see the “Topsy Turvy” style of cake there), or visit them directly at

And, in the meantime, keep your eyes open for more recipients of the MyFavDeals Stamp of Approval in the coming weeks and months!