In Memory of Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer - Rest in PeaceRegular readers at know that we have a fairly extensive selection of personal improvement and spiritual products because these things are important in our own lives. So, when we discovered that Dr. Wayne Dyer had passed away on August 30, 2015, we were stunned, but also understood why – at that particular time – people would be looking for information about this gentle teacher.

One of the companies whose products we enjoy includes Hay House, which is the long-time publisher of Dr. Dyer’s works along with the works of may other illumined teachers.

It was in an email from Hay House that we discovered that precisely 41 years ago to the day of Dr. Dyer’s passing that he had come to grips with an incredibly important and difficult part of his life. It was on August 30, 1974 that Wayne had finally found the resting place of his biological father who had deserted the entire family when Wayne was but an infant.

How Wayne finally healed of the anger and pain is told in the fictionalized account of his life in his movie “The Greatest Teacher.” I speak about this more at the main post about it here at the site (read it here) – but I wanted to take this moment to remind our readers to watch it for free before 9/15/15 since Hay House is making this video available for anyone who wants to watch.

You won’t have to put in your email – you won’t have to put in any credit card – just go to the link here and watch the movie. It’s only an hour long, and the insights in the last 5-10 minutes are so very worth your time to ponder.

Even if you have never listened to Wayne speak or read his books – the message in this short movie is appropriate for everyone.

If there are any pains and hurts in your own life – watch the movie. Thank you for reading and tuning in to

We appreciate each and every one of you.

Watch “The Greatest Teacher” HERE for free until 9/15/15