Guilty Pleasures – Everyone Has to Have Some Fun!

This was the lava cake that they staff at the Hilton Garden sent to my room for my birthday :)I had a recent chuckle when a friend of mine told me that she was feeling “guilty” because she had scarfed down an entire chocolate bar in one sitting. I asked her why she felt guilty about it, and she said, “Well, anyone who would see me do that would probably think that’s just terrible – think of all the sugar… I mean, who eats an entire chocolate bar in one sitting?”

Of course, my immediate response was, “Who cares what other people would think?” And then we lightened the whole thing up because she added, “Well, it WAS dark chocolate, and that’s better for you, right?” LOL!

If you look at this image at the top of the post here, you are looking at the lava cake that the chef sent up to my hotel room last year when he discovered it was my birthday. 🙂 See all that whipped cream, chocolate decadence, ice cream, and berries? Mmmm.

The point is, we all have things that we enjoy – sometimes in public, sometimes in private – that someone else will undoubtedly scoff at or sneer at, or worse, cluck their tongues at if they see us indulging.

We call these “guilty pleasures,” and you know what? Life is too darned short for me to sit here and worry what others are going to say if they see me walking around my gardens in the evening sipping a glass of red wine.

Or, to turn their noses up at my brother-in-law who absolutely loves to sit on the porch after work with a good cigar. Or make a snide comment about how much money someone is spending on an exotic coffee when surely Folgers would do.

The older I get, the more I realize that life is for living, and not judging – myself or others.

Some of our readers at probably smoke cigarettes and/or vape. We have something for them. Maybe they don’t drink alcohol, though – but maybe someone else loves wine, but doesn’t use tobacco. We have something for them too.

Some readers love jewelry, while others wouldn’t spend one penny on jewelry – but they might love getting tattoos.

Some people love to dress up their dogs. Some people dress up as their dog at Halloween. Who cares? I’m all about enjoying my life. And, our team here at wants to do what we can to pass along the fun stuff for you as well.

So, while you’re shopping at the site, and you think of a “guilty pleasure” of your own – whether it’s chocolate, coffee, cigars, wine, e-cigs, or whatever it is that you love to indulge in, we’re gonna keep on looking for and posting deals for you! So, check out our different categories that you can find hereLava Cake - After eating it! It took 2 of us a half an hour to devour it!, and hopefully we’ll have you covered!

In the meantime, have a wonderful day!

PS: This is the “After” shot of the lava cake. It was a tough job, but between me and my husband, we polished this baby off in 30 minutes. Yes, and we had wine, too! It was a good day…