Cool Cake Decorating Hack with Bubble Wrap

Sometimes the team at finds neat stuff that we just have to share, and because we are so enthralled with cake decorating since we got to know the people at Cake Stackers, we figure that our readers who are also into cake decorating might enjoy this really amazing hack we just saw on Facebook. Who knew you could do this with bubble wrap? 🙂 The YouTube channel is “Cakes StepbyStep” and they call this a “Basket Cake.”Screenshot of a cool thing you can use to decorate cakes with - bubble wrap!

First, the decorator in the video melts up some chocolate. She measures a length of bubble wrap around her cake (yes, she does say CLEAN bubble wrap), and then spreads the melted chocolate onto the “bubbles up” surface of the wrap – lets it set about 10 minutes, and then carefully wraps the chocolate-laden wrap around the cake.

She then chills it, and removes the wrap, leaving behind an intricately patterned icing! Then, she fills the top with fresh fruit. Check it out below! People who decorate cakes amaze me with their creativity (which was what drew us to Cake Stackers). And, while this is not a Cake Stackers video, imagine what you can do with cool techniques like this along with your Topsy Turvy cakes, or Upside Down or Hanging Chandelier Cake Set!

So, check out this video and let your imagination take off from there! (Don’t forget to check our Cake Stackers listings to see what’s new- and remember to always use your exclusive Cake Stackers coupon code, ACC525 when ordering!)