Content Marketing or Content Management? And WHY?

chalkboard-620316_1280Here at, we have a number of team members with a host of different passions. And, between all of us, we get to share many of these passions and interests with you, our readers. It’s a lot of fun for us to find cool or useful (or both cool AND useful) products that people need.

But, you know what is ALSO a lot of fun for us? We take great pleasure in finding and sharing valuable information for you as well. That’s where a website that is growing the way this one is can use a plan.

And, we recently came across a service for businesses – particularly for those businesses that are working on promoting their websites and brand presence – to help them market their content in an organized and effective fashion. It is a content marketing method that goes by the name of vWriter (see our posts about vWriter here).

In talking about this service, the first question that came up was, “What is content marketing to begin with, and what is the difference between that and content management?” And the second question that came up was, “Why should anyone care? What’s wrong with just putting some advertisements out there?”

Good questions indeed! And that prompted us to dig deeper into the subject and compile some clarifying information for you to help you gain a better understanding and answer to both questions. You need this information if you are a business looking to improve your SEO strategies or general website or brand presence.

The terms “management” and “marketing” may appear to be somewhat related when discussing your website’s function and goals. However, content management is more about your “process” and getting things done effectively and efficiently, whereas content marketing is more about your “story” and creating a relationship with your customers. Relationship first – sales second.

Please take a look at the article that we’ve compiled for you about this. It’s quite important to have a firm, clear grasp of the topic, because the signs are quite clear that throwing up a “banner ad” somewhere on the web is no longer good enough when it comes to leading people to your virtual doors.

Check out Content Management vs Content Marketing HERE.