Can You Make Money Writing Blog Content?

startup-593324_1280A few years ago the word “blog” wasn’t even in the dictionary, and consumers thought of blogging as a tool for would-be writers to self-publish. And, one of the first of these is attributed to a then-college student Justin Hall in 1994. Blogging was the same as vanity publishing. No one wanted to buy these people’s writing so they started their own WordPress pages and posted stuff anyway. Topics were diverse and readership was sparse in many instances. Maintaining a lucrative or well-read blog page is still challenging. Smart consumers and business people, however, know there is skill behind writing a good blog and also one which earns money.

What is a Blog?

Let’s identify what a blog actually is before getting started. This is an internet-based “page” where one or a small team of writers, all covering the same topic or related group of topics, post short articles. This page where you are reading this article is a blog – it’s the blog section of our larger site. They are written in the first person using a casual tone as though addressing readers directly and talking about things the writers have done (unblock drains, make home-made paper, or cook a successful soufflé). Blog writing is personal but usually informational. A comment section below the article is usually enabled so that readers can enlarge upon the information seen there, dispute statements, correct mistakes, and praise writers or share their feelings. Sometimes these “comments” become conversations and can become heated or emotional. Religious, political, and sports blogs often attract controversy.

Types of Blogs

Most internet users have come across several blogs when researching a topic. They have explored recipes, craft projects, or parenting ideas; commented on posts about political issues, fashion tips, or mental health articles. You will uncover blogs by following links from all kinds of commercial websites including e-tail pages. Industry professionals often post blogs which provide consumers with tips about how to find, use, or fix something to do with household maintenance, cars, or electronics.

Who Writes Blogs?

There are two types of people writing blogs. One is the professional writer hired by a company to post writing in the correct sort of tone, embedding SEO key words along the way. When an industry professional does not have time to do the writing or employees’ wages are better spent on other things, he outsources the work to people who are experts at spinning words. The cost is usually low.

The other blog writer either started the blog page or is part of the company this writing directs readers to. This could be a member of advertising staff, the manager, or a clerk in another position. Even the owner will write blogs if his company is small, but if there’s no company involved writers are usually blog founders with a personal passion to share.

How to Make Money as a Blog Writer

Someone who creates content for a blog page is known as a content writer. She is paid by the word and given a number of related articles to cover every week or month. These must all relate in some way to the theme: roofing, beer-making, a toy store, or canning. Subjects are diverse.

Some writers advertise their services as freelance writers at websites such as eLance or Upwork (formerly known as oDesk), while others are part of a content marketing system such as vWriter or The Content Authority. There is a considerable need for people who can write knowledgeably about various topics, because today’s content marketing best practices call for webmasters to produce information that readers need, are searching for, and can use.

Blogs are not always a means of making money but are of use for disseminating information, yet some blogs are created specifically as a means of earning cash. Writers do this by charging companies money to post pay-per-click ads on their websites. This can be lucrative if there is a lot of activity on the site and at least one popular ad. One can host multiple ads and if they are chosen to represent the industry or theme a blog is being written about, ads attract an audience ready to click the advertisement by default. Writers don’t wait for payment based on whether ads lead to sales. All a reader has to do is “click.”