About Our Team

Thank you so much for hopping over to the MyFavDeals.org blog! It’s kind of like that “Most Interesting Man in the World” guy from the Dos Equis beer advertisements says here on our page – we don’t always post here (not like we do at the main site), but when we do it’s because either 1) the muse hits us, 2) we just heard something cool and want to share it with you, 3) we just feel like writing, or 4) we have something to share, but there’s nowhere else to post it that makes sense!

Most interesting man in the world meme for our blog

Sometimes we post stuff that relates to some of the resources and deals at the main site – and if you go over there, you’ll see that we have the primary page with the most updated coupons and deals we come across, or, if you look across the top navigational bar, you’ll see numerous articles that include reviews, product comparisons, articles containing information on stuff we find interesting, and more.

We don’t have hundreds of people working and writing here – we’re pretty much a bunch of friends and colleagues who really enjoy finding great deals and information. You won’t see us advertising on television to download any “apps” or stuff like that – we’re not that tech-savvy. What we are, however, is 100% into finding ways to help you save money on the stuff you buy. We enjoy making and posting videos (including video product reviews).

We span about 25 years between all of us, from the youngest member of our team to the oldest. We are both men and women, with different interests and passions. Some of us can run rings around the rest of us on any number of topics, and vice-versa. Some of us don’t mind our faces being seen on video (although one of us is trying to improve herself so that she’s not cringing anytime the camera comes near), and others prefer to stay out of the spotlight.

But one thing every single one of us is interested in is giving you – our readers – the best value possible, so that when you come to MyFavDeals.org, you leave with something that makes your day a little better. That is why we call our pages “Deals with a Difference!”

Please visit, “Like” and participate in our MyFavDeals Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter at @wesavealot. See what Kathy is pinning over at Pinterest, or what new videos she’s putting up on YouTube!